Автомойка Деньги, пылесос и пена машинка , Money Car Washing
Автомойка Деньги, пылесос и пена машинка , Money Car Washing - фото 1
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Автомойка Деньги, пылесос и пена машинка , Money Car Washing

2 100 $/штука
Senyurt Cigdem Cimtas Makina
cigdem Senyurt
,  Измир, TR
на Флагма с 7 апреля 2020


Our Coin Operated Pressure Washer and Foam Spray machines that operate self - service with tokens or coins; car, truck, bus, truck etc. it allows you to clean tools professionally without using brushes and sponges.

Depending on demand, the pressure and pressure settings of our Digital Display Pressure Washing and Foam Spraying machines, which operate with a coin adjusted time of money or more, provide a faster and more economical use to the user since they are already fixed. These Coin Operated Machines, which are prepared in a very practical and professional manner, will also save you time. Our coin operated machines have special designs that you can use for many years thanks to their durable body.

Ttjx - Coined Car Wash + Auto Foam Machine


Pump : Original Italian

Working Pressure : Adjustable From 0 - 200 Bar

Liter : 15 Lt / Min

Motor : 5.5 Kw / 7.5 Hp

Voltage : 380 V

Safety: Earth Leakage Relay, External Emergency Stop

Pump Operation: Total - Stop Trigger System

Hose: 12 Mt R2 350 Bar Hose

Gun: Italian Trigger Gun

Accessory: External Gun Location, Optional Safety Valve and Start switch


Pressure: 6 bar

Capacity: 90 lt

Gun Trigger Foam: Liquid Spraying

Hose Length: 8 mt

Operation Control: With Display Indicator, Time, Fee , Electronic Card with Total Working Counter

Cabinet Features: Mechanical and Electrical Sections Separately Designed Electrostatic Oven Painted Sheet

Front and Back Cover for Ease of Intervention in the Mechanical Section Convenient Design.

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,  Измир, TR
на Флагма с 7 апреля 2020

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Senyurt Cigdem Cimtas Makina
cigdem Senyurt
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